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Carpenter Gets Back to Work and Water Skiing after Lumbar Fusion

Tom G. leads an active life personally and professionally. The owner of a successful construction business, he is no stranger to hard work that includes some strength and heavy lifting on occasion. One day about six years ago, it was the heavy lifting that changed his life… for awhile.

The California native's company was working on a commercial project in Tahoe. One day a 400-pound delivery of lumber arrived that needed to be moved. The 6-foot-four, 250-pounder decided to move it himself. It was then that he heard his lower back pop and knew this was not good. Then the pain followed.

A series of visits to neurosurgeons was not successful as one neurosurgeon told him that he may be able to fix the problem, but not the pain. This was not acceptable to Tom. His father-in-law, a retired general surgeon, suggested epidural injections from a pain management specialist, which Tom tried for awhile. The back pain began to get worse and his father-in-law suggested he go to Dr. Slosar at the Spine Care Medical Group.

After an examination and MRI’s, Dr. Slosar diagnosed Tom with herniated discs at L4-L5 and suggested a fusion surgery.  "I told Dr. Slosar that since I was relatively young, one of the things I wanted to still be able to do is water ski with my grandkids," he says.

In November, 2007 Tom had his surgeries. After a 3-month recovery period, he began feeling better. In June, 2008, Dr. Slosar was very pleased with his progress and told him everything looked good. Tom had a full summer, fulfilling his wish to go waterskiing with his grandchildren.

Today, he is back to work running his company and feeling great. He says he has no problem making the 3-hour drive from his home north of Sacramento to see Dr. Slosar for follow up appointments. "I love that Dr. Slosar is passionate and enthusiastic about what he does. I have the highest regard for Dr. Slosar and his staff."